Torklift A7202 Stable Load

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Torklift A7202 Stable Load

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Torklift A7202 Stable Load

StableLoad is engineered for Ford, Dodge and GM trucks fitted with factory upper contact overloads (see application guide at Torklift site). Torklift's StableLoad for upper overload applications is designed to replace the smaller, inefficient factory overload bump stop pads, putting the upper overload springs to work sooner.  It dramatically stabilizes the vehicle suspension and makes the vehicle's passengers and load significantly safer.

The StableLoad upper overload is available for a very quick and simple no-drill installation with serious improvement results.

This is accomplished by bolting each of the StableLoads (four per kit) onto each overload frame bump stop pad (front and rear passenger side, front and rear driver side) StableLoad kits work equally well with or without aftermarket airbags overloads. Each precision crafted StableLoad kit carries our Legendary Lifetime Warranty and is proudly made in the USA.

StableLoads on Vehicles with Aftermarket Airbag Overloads

Your vehicle factory suspension was designed by the vehicle engineers to carry the payload on the leaf spring suspension. Overloads such as airbags can help a vehicle that is towing or carrying a heavy payload by keeping the vehicle level. Leveling improves braking by shifting more weight onto the front wheels due to a forward shift in the center of gravity and front alignment stays closer to factory specification as again the vehicle is closer to a stock level stance.

The downside to airbag overloads is they accomplish all this by lifting the weight off the factory-engineered spring suspension. Your vehicle engineers designed the weight to be carried over the progressive 4' rear leaf springs. On any heavy towing or hauling set up, to level the vehicle with airbags means you have to take a majority of the weight off the factory leaf spring suspension and are now carrying that weight on an area roughly equivalent to the size of a two footballs. This is why you can actually experience a considerable increase in unsafe handling such as sway, porpoising (bucking) and body roll even though the vehicle is now closer to level with the airbags engaged.

As stated above, the StableLoad dramatically improves vehicle handling characteristics by "pre-activating" the stabilizing affect designed into the rear springs by keeping the springs actively under load the way your vehicle factory engineers designed them to operate. The StableLoad accomplishes this and functions equally as well when used with or without airbag overloads. For vehicles that do not yet have airbag overloads, we recommend starting with the StableLoad prior to investing in airbags.


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