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Torklift S9700-5 Camper Tie-Down Locks

Torklift S9700-5 Camper Tie-Down Locks

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Torklift S9700-5 Camper Tie-Down Locks

At Torklift, we call our Truck camper tie-downs TRUE Frame-Mounted Camper Tie Downs. This is because they are the only truck camper tie-downs available that attach to the strongest part of your truck, which is the truck frame. All other tie-downs, commonly referred to as homemade truck camper tie-downs or bed-mounted ties downs generally attach to the bed or stake pocket. You might be wondering why that is an issue, we can help explain. Bed-mounted tie-downs bolt through the side of the truck bed leading to flexing and cracking of the bed as well as eventual exterior rust that is very noticeable and often leads to further body cracking and paint cracking. Truck beds are made of thin sheet metal which increases the risk of damage because that is the main attachment point for bed-mounted tie-downs and stake pocket tie-downs. By mounting truck camper tie-downs to the truck frame, you are ensured to have your truck camper attached to the safest and strongest location of your truck. Whether you are hauling a small camper or a larger camper: we are still dealing with thousands of pounds that have the potential to shift in the truck bed and alter the center of gravity of your vehicle which makes it even more critical to attach your truck camper tie down to your truck frame.

Features & Benefits

  • Only Truck Camper Tie Down System That Attaches To The Strongest Part Of The Truck – The Frame
  • Torklift Tie Downs Dramatically Improve Vehicle Handling And Stability Resulting In The Safest Way To Secure A Truck Camper
  • Prevents Vehicle Sway And Camper Movement In All Directions Due To TRUE Frame-Mounted Tie Down System Attachment Points
  • Vehicle Manufacturers Recommend That All Full-Height Slide-In Camper Bodies Be Directly Attached To The Vehicle Frame Structure
  • Avoid Bed Damage, Bumper Damage And Body Rust That Is Common With Other Truck Camper Tie Down Systems
  • NEVER Drill Into Your Truck Bed To Install These Truck Camper Tie Downs
  • Custom Fit To Your Specific Truck Make And Model To Allow For The Perfect Fitment
  • Fast, 100 Percent No-Drill Installations Securing Your Truck Camper To Your Truck For Fitments Since 2001
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Specifications

Compatibility: Torklift True Frame and Aluminum Talon Tie Downs

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