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Torklift C3221 Rear Camper Tie-Down

Torklift C3221 Rear Camper Tie-Down

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Torklift C3221 Rear Camper Tie-Down

At Torklift, we call our Truck camper tie-downs TRUE Frame Mounted Camper Tie Downs. This is because they are the only truck camper tie-downs available that attach to the strongest part of your truck, which is the truck frame. All other tie-downs, commonly referred to as homemade truck camper tie-downs or bed-mounted tie downs generally attach to the bed or stake pocket. You might be wondering why that is an issue, we can help explain. We believe the Torklift truck camper tie-downs are the best tie-downs for truck campers.

Features & Benefits

  • Dramatic Improvement With Vehicle Handling And Stability And Is The Safest Way To Haul A Truck Camper
  • Maintain The Value Of Your Truck And Prevent Rust And Bed Damage By Avoiding Drilling Into Your Truck Bed Or Bumper
  • Avoid Bed And Bumper Damage That Is Common With Other Tie Down Systems
  • Provides Safety, Security, And Stability While On The Road
  • Hidden Design When Not In Use To Return Your Truck To Its Original Look
  • No Loss Of Ground Clearance Perfect For Off Road Truck Camping
  • Custom Fit To Specific Truck Makes And Models To Allow For The Ultimate Safety And Confidence
  • Fast, 100 Percent No Drill Installations
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Specifications

Mounting Type: Frame Mount
Powder Coated
Forged Steel
Drilling Required:
Set Of 2



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