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Torklift C2225 Front Camper Tie-Down

Torklift C2225 Front Camper Tie-Down

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Torklift C2225 Front Camper Tie-Down

At Torklift, we call our Truck camper tie-downs TRUE Frame Mounted Camper Tie Downs. This is because they are the only truck camper tie-downs available that attach to the strongest part of your truck, which is the truck frame. All other tie-downs, commonly referred to as homemade truck camper tie-downs or bed-mounted tie-downs generally attach to the bed or stake pocket. You might be wondering why that is an issue, we can help explain. We believe the Torklift truck camper tie-downs are the best tie-downs for truck campers.

Features & Benefits

  • Dramatic Improvement With Vehicle Handling And Stability And Is The Safest Way To Haul A Truck Camper
  • Maintain The Value Of Your Truck And Prevent Rust And Bed Damage By Avoiding Drilling Into Your Truck Bed Or Bumper
  • Avoid Bed And Bumper Damage That Is Common With Other Tie Down Systems
  • Provides Safety, Security, And Stability While On The Road
  • Hidden Design When Not In Use To Return Your Truck To Its Original Look
  • No Loss Of Ground Clearance Perfect For Off Road Truck Camping
  • Custom Fit To Specific Truck Makes And Models To Allow For The Ultimate Safety And Confidence
  • Fast, 100 Percent No Drill Installations
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Specifications

Mounting Type: Frame Mount
Powder Coated
Forged Steel
Drilling Required:
Set Of 2



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