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Torklift A7712R Power Armor DH Battery Box

Torklift A7712R Power Armor DH Battery Box

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Torklift A7712R Power Armor DH Battery Box

The Power Armor is a high-quality locking aluminum battery box. Developed specifically to prevent increasingly common and expensive battery theft and related damage to wiring from 'cut and run thefts. Power Armor is available in multiple sizes for both 12 and 6 Volt battery applications. It's engineered to hold and protect either Group 24 to Group 31 12 Volt batteries or 6 Volt T105 or SC2 golf cart batteries. The design uses a unique lockable slide top (lock included) for quick, easy access. It can also be used for safe lockable storage when not used for batteries. By using it with batteries, you have extra battery power for your RV, truck camper, truck, van, etc. There is an access hole in the back of the Power Armor for the electrical wires to pass through the side wall of the box so it can be easily wired into your electrical circuit and incorporates a special design for proper battery ventilation.

Features & Benefits

  • Prevent Common And Expensive Storage/Battery Theft (Lock Included)
  • Dual Use For Securing Batteries And Other Gear
  • Bolts To Your RV, Camper Bumper, Boat, Truck, Van, Etc
  • Heavy Gauge Diamond Plate Aluminum For Maximum Durability
  • Designed Specifically To Access RV Batteries Avoiding Interference With Your RV
  • Acid Neutralizing Battery Mat To Avoid Corrosion
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Specifications

Compatibility: 6 Volt/ 12 Volt Battery
Battery Quantity:
8-3/16 Inch
23-7/8 Inch
13 Inch
Includes Hold-Down:
Diamond Plate Box With Powder Coated Frame



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