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Timbren SPCRFF350SDC Helper Spring Spacer

Timbren SPCRFF350SDC Helper Spring Spacer

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Timbren SPCRFF350SDC Helper Spring Spacer

Popular Timbren SES kits were designed to work on pickup trucks with a standard ride height. But installing a lift kit on your pickup truck will increase the distance between the frame and the front axle and, therefore, compromise the effectiveness of the Timbren SES helper springs. In other words, your lifted truck is still going to squat even after a Timbren SES rear kit has been installed. That’s where an approved Timbren spacer kit can fill the gap. This handy little kit helps you mix and match the spacers when you add them to the Timbren SES assembly allowing you to achieve your desired ride height. Whether you’ve got a leveling kit, body lift, or full suspension lift, Timbren spacer kits allow you to make effective use of your Timbren SES kit while hauling or plowing.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully Adjustable To Achieve Correct Ride Height
  • Adapts Timbren SES Kit To Your Lifted Ford F250 And F350 Pickup Truck
  • Works With Timbren SES Kit
  • Able To Adjust Timbren SES Ride Height For Up To 7.75 Inch
  • Easy Installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Specifications

Design: Bolt-On
Lift Height (IN): 1-1/2 Inch
Includes Hardware:
Set Of 2



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