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Pullrite 3900 24K Fifth Wheel Hitch

Pullrite 3900 24K Fifth Wheel Hitch

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Pullrite 3900 24K Fifth Wheel Hitch

PullRite’s NEW line of Super 5th fifth wheel hitches combines the lightweight design of a SuperLite, the innovation of an underbed gooseneck mounting system, with the reliability of our innovative hitch plate!

Our dual articulating, automatically-locking hitch plate is easily removable with just two pins and clips, unlike other hitches on the market that require tools for removal. Features the only self-latching handle on the market, keeping you clean and out of the bed with no secondary locking devices to engage. Lightweight and stronger than aluminum, the base is made from high grade American steel. Mounts directly to your truck’s OE puck mounting system or any aftermarket underbed gooseneck with a 2-5/16” ball(except B&W OE Ball w/ bale handle).

Bed Saver Rails prevent damage to your truck bed through movement of the hitch base because they are not “attached.” Other single point hitches damage your bed during stops and starts as a result of the rails being welded to the hitch base and digging into the truck bed. Bed Saver Rails act independently to insulate your bed from hitch movement. Gooseneck Ball Receiver places hitch center of axle and is adjustable rearward to keep it centered. Multiple height adjustments for bed side clearance.

  • 24,000 lb. max gross trailer weight towing capacity
  • 6,000 lb. max trailer pin weight capacity
  • Lightweight, high grade steel hitch vs. weaker aluminum models
  • Detachable baserails reduce stress on truck bed to minimize crushing and surface wear
  • Fits all popular and OE 2-5/16” gooseneck ball brands (except B&W OE Ball w/ bale handle)
  • Flexible design allows fifth wheel king pin to be positioned forward or rearward of the gooseneck ball by as much as 8”
  • Vertical height adjustment from 15.7" to 18.7"
  • Dual articulating head moves side-to-side and front-to-back during towing for a smoother ride
  • Hitch head easily removable with pins and tools needed
  • Locking jaw closes automatically around king pin
  • Latch handle locks automatically when locking jaws are engaged
  • No secondary locking devices to engage means no reaching over high-sided truck beds to get dirty
  • Extended handle keeps you out of the bed
  • Precision, laser cut jaw components cradle the trailer's king pin 140º for a secure, tight fit
  • Tight fitting parts give you the best ride possible

*NOTE: GMC/Chevy trucks require both #2616 Bed Support Bracket and #2620 GMC/Chevy Puck Plug Set (both purchased separately). Not required for Ford and Dodge.

**NOTE: Rotational king pin boxes are not compatible, because of its single point attachment to the truck and rotational forces placed on it by the rotational pin box. These types of pin boxes should only be used with our four point attachment (rail mounted) hitches, but there are downsides to these types of king pin boxes.



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