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Firestone 9335 Stationary Air Compressor

Firestone 9335 Stationary Air Compressor

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Firestone 9335 Stationary Air Compressor

The Firestone air accessory systems provide an instant air source for all air suspension products. We also carry air accessory service parts and individual components, providing you with a wide variety of air control assist solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Individual Air Accessory Components Are Also Available, Including Compressors, Air Tanks, And Mounting Solutions, Providing A Wide Variety Of Air Control Assist Solutions
  • Adjust The Ride For Various Load And Road Conditions With A Switch, Remote Or Mobile App
  • Provides An Instant Air Source For The Air Helper Springs Or Accessories
  • Dual Point Fill (Both Air Springs Fill Independently Of Each Other)
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

Product Specifications

Condition: New
Maximum Pressure Rating (PSI):
145 Pounds Per Square Inch
: 17 Amp



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