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Diode Dynamics

Diode Dynamics Stage Series 12in SAE/DOT White Driving Light Bar

Diode Dynamics Stage Series 12in SAE/DOT White Driving Light Bar

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Diode Dynamics Stage Series 12in SAE/DOT White Driving Light Bar

Compact. The lightbar is based on a narrow-profile extruded housing, to allow fitment in small and tight areas. At less than 42mm tall, they'll fit in many places a traditional dual-row light bar won't while cutting the total weight as well.

Focused. Thanks to the high-intensity Lumileds LED chips, coupled with our U.S. PATENT PENDING total internal reflection (TIR) optic, the total intensity is far higher than a standard, generic light bar. The TIR optic collects all of the light from the LED and directs it only where you need it, drastically reducing glare and improving total efficiency.

Functional Patterns.
The Driving pattern was designed to supplement your high beams. Rather than a simple "spot" pattern, the Stage Series Driving pattern has a rectangular 30x20 degree pattern that is far more useful for directing light downrange at high speeds.

The Wide pattern provides an extremely wide field of view, without wasting any light in the sky above and provides an 80x20 degree spread of light. It was designed to supplement your fog lights and is perfect for driving in inclement weather.

The Flood pattern was designed to provide uniform, even illumination and a full 80x50 degree spread of light. Unlike generic "flood" light optics that are simply a heavily diffused spot, our flood optic is a true optically designed spread, resulting in the biggest spread in the industry! It is perfect for lighting up anything at low speeds, a backup or reverse light, or lighting up a worksite.

  • Advanced TIR optics provide high efficiency and focus.
  • High-intensity automotive-type LEDs.
  • Available in multiple beam pattern options.
  • Slim 42mm housing for low-profile fitment.
  • Durable matte powder-coated extrusion.
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