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AUTOLITE 1110 Diesel Glow Spark Plug

AUTOLITE 1110 Diesel Glow Spark Plug

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AUTOLITE 1110 Diesel Glow Spark Plug

Starting a diesel engine? Check out Autolite ® Glow Plugs. They're dependable and long-lasting, the perfect plug for a variety of diesel applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Dependable And Long-Lasting
  • Fits A Variety Of Diesel Applications
  • Made To OE Specifications
  • The Shell Resists Corrosion And Vibration, As Well As Protects the Coil From Exhaust Gas Damage For a Longer Life
  • Fast Starts For Modern Diesel Engines
  • Heat From Glow Plug Ideal For Assisting In Fuel Vaporization In Cold Ambient Temperatures
  • No Supplier Warranty


  • Engine CompatibilityOEM
  • Quantity: Set Of 4

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