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ARB CS055R Leaf Spring

ARB CS055R Leaf Spring

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ARB CS055R Leaf Spring

Part of ARB’s integrated 4×4 suspension systems, Emu Dakar leaf springs are engineered to provide optimum ride performance irrespective of the operating conditions the vehicle’s suspension is required to work under. Numerous spring options are available to suit a multitude of applications, allowing you to set your vehicle up for recreational or commercial purposes. Feature-packed, a set of Emu Dakar leaf springs matched to a set of Old Man Emu shocks will deliver vastly improved ride, handling, and load-carrying capability.

Features & Benefits

  • Draw Tapered And Diamond Cut Leaves: Ensure The Load Is Progressively Distributed Over A Larger Surface Area, Reducing The High Stresses That Develop At Leaf Ends, Provides Increased Ride Quality
  • Fully Scragged And Load Tested: Scragging Ensures The Spring Takes A Permanent ‘set’ Which Reduces The Risk Of Sagging, Load Testing Ensures The Spring Meets The Required Specification
  • Two-Stage Leaf Pack: Featured On Most Rear Springs For Optimum Comfort, Unladen The Vehicle Is Largely Riding On The Primary Stage, With The Secondary Stage Providing Additional Support
  • Military Wrap: Designed To Provide Added Safety. Shot Peening: The Tension Side Of All Leaves Is Shot Peened To Reduce Spring Stress, Process Can Double The Life Of A Spring
  • Anti Friction Pads: Regreasable Nylon Interleaf Liners Reduce Friction At The Leaf Tips Where The Load Is The Greatest
  • Flat Axle Seat Area Allows A Positive, Safe Axle Mount Reducing Spring Stress And Increasing Spring Life
  • Bolt Clamps And Liners: The Leaf Clamps Are Bolted To Allow Installation Of Anti-Squeak Nylon Liners
  • Limited 3-Year Or Unlimited Kilometer Warranty

Product Specifications

Number Of Leafs: 6
Spring Type: Draw Tapered And Diamond Cut
Spring Rate: 205/ 330 Pounds Per Inch
Includes Bushings: No
Quantity: Single
Bushing Material: No Bushing
Estimated Install Time (Hours): 2



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