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ARB 72X10 Bushranger Balloon Jack

ARB 72X10 Bushranger Balloon Jack

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ARB 72X10 Bushranger Balloon Jack
Particularly well suited to use in sand, mud, and snow, and with a lifting capacity of 4400 Pounds, the exhaust-operated X-Jack is an invaluable recovery tool, providing up to 31 Inches of a vehicle lift. Inflatable jacks.

Features & Benefits
  • Suited To Use In Sand, Mud, And Snow, And With A Lifting Capacity Of 4400 Pounds
  • Provides Up To 31 Inch Of Vehicle Lift
  • Meets Quality Requirements
  • Design And Engineering Team Utilizes The Latest CAD, CAM Parametric Modeling Systems
  • Superbly Engineered
  • Easy Installation
  • Limited 3-Year Or Unlimited Mile Warranty

Product Specifications

Type: Balloon
Operation Type: Exhaust Gas
Capacity: 4400 Pound
Maximum Lift: 31 Inch
Color: Orange
Material: PVC



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